“This story is about a person. A person who disappeared. A person with many faces misplaced in society, forgotten by the authorities. A lost jewel, who’s identity fades away into mystery with the passing of time. The home that was once this persons destroyed, the memories stolen captured only in photographs. The cries for help going unheard, the friends and family left in grief. An investigation gone wrong, a distant light growing fainter. The air of mystery flowing away in loneliness.”

//Entropy- Gradual decline into disorder, is a project about disappearing identities. This 8 image project arose when I came across a startling fact, that one child disappears every 8 minutes in India. With half the cases going unreported, the actual number may even be higher. Having had to work on this project remotely in The Hague, NL in a week, the term entropy came to mind. This project transitioned into disappearing people and identities in general, its effect and how the process of finding them becomes harder with the passing of time.//