Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (2019-23)

Group Exhibition at The Grey Space in the Middle, The Hague, 2022

Group Exhibition (dis)Connect, FOAM Amsterdam with Collaboration with Fuse Expo, 2022

Featured in Noordelicht Photo Festival, 2020 

My name is Aaryan Sinha. With my photographic practice, I tend to work on topics relating to my homeland of India and my identity in relation to that. Having lived in a Western society for over 3 years now, I am more and more intrigued and inspired by the roots I come from, while still acknowledging the path i am walking on. Photography as a medium along with text and archival work gives me the opportunity to observe and question topics that arise as i grow older in relation to my identity. While also allowing me to work on complex societal issues such as the acts of injustice and violence revolving around the marginalised sections of society both in India and around the world. With regards to my images, they are mainly observations that i make, in old and new places that i come across to, observing the details that i find intriguing in the landscapes, details of human traces. I find that my images are often open for interpretation, with the text sort of acting like an anchor, guiding the viewer through the story i am trying to portray.