Aaryan Sinha (born 2001) is a photographer originally from New Delhi, India, currently based in the Netherlands. He completes his bachelor's degree in Photography from the Royal Academy of Art, Den Haag in 2023. 

With his photographic practice, he tends to work on topics relating to his homeland of India and his ever-changing identity in relation to that. Having lived in a part of Western society for over 4 years now, he is more intrigued and inspired by the roots he comes from. With each of his recent projects beginning with the question ‘What is the notion of Indian identity?’. Photography as a medium along with archival material and text gives him the opportunity to question and observe certain issues that arise in his journey. In terms of the process, the images come first through an intuitive exploration of the land he comes from, focusing on the details that reside in the Indian landscape. And the concept later, through analysis of the collected imagery, once certain distance has been gained. It is further moulded and formalised, during the editing and sequencing part of the process, that often leads to a publication. 

His latest ongoing project deals with the question ‘How do historical events shape the current Indian Landscape and the identity of its people?’ Focusing on analysing the consequences of the hastily line drawn by the British that led to the separation of one land into two. His previous works have been exhibited in The Grey Space in the Middle, Den Haag (2022) Foam, Amsterdam (2021), Noordelicht Photo Festival (2020).


Email : aaryansinha7@gmail.com